Promising Altcoins: List of promising coins and their current status

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Below are some of the updates we have found in regards to some of the altcoins that we consider promising based on their fundamentals, note we will never have any sort of price speculation, nor will we ever give out any sort of buy or sell signals in regards too these altcoins. These altcoins here are listed strictly based on our research and are also not listed in any sort of particular order.

Top Tier


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The Neo team has been hard at work developing their smart contract platform and aiding in expanding the Neo smart economy ecosystem. Recently with the listing of RedPulse (RPX) Neo’s first NEP-5 token on the Binance exchange, Neo has seen an increase in development of tokens and smart contracts on the platform. You can view more in regards to Neo’s roadmap on their Reddit page’s daily discussion.


Work is also being done on an off-chain scaling solution called Trinity (following the Matrix theme) - according to Trinity’s official website:

Trinity acts as a lightning network for NEO in order to achieve real-time payments, low transaction fees, scalability, and privacy protection for NEO assets. Using state channel technology, Trinity will significantly increase blockchain throughput for NEP-5 token transfers.


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Monero which rarely gets much press these days is also researching integrating their coin with off-chain solutions. Monero is also working on the integration of multi-signatures (multisig), fluffy blocks, subaddress and also a GUI port to Android.


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We recently released a post dedicated to current Litecoin updates. Litecoin is hard at work on their 0.15.1 release - a number of merchants have announced support for Litecoin after the addition of Coinbase commerce, many are awaiting the release of LitePay on February 26th. Based on these developments and more Litecoin’s future seems very positive.

Mid tier

  • Ethereum Classic : Ethereum Classic is looking very solid with continued development and increase in transactional volume - they recently updated.

  • Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) : Despite the recent BitGrail hack scandal Nano is fundamentally solid - it’s currently looking to update its local wallet GUI as well as add security features to its existing DAG infrastructure.

  • ZCash - ZCash with its release of shielded transactions and furthered development is looking very good for 2018.

Low tier

  • Byteball Bytes : Byteball another DAG-based coin is looking to further develop their platform which currently offers conditional payments, message based transactions over SMS and email, and is also looking to add an identity layer for their ICO platform - read more about it on their Medium blog post update for 2018.

  • Waves : Waves’ infrastructure is growing each day with continued development on their WavesDEX platform and growing ecosystem of tokens.

  • ZenCash : ZenCash is a fork of ZCash that has been on the rise for quite some time. The team is hard at work at creating an ecosystem surround ZenCash most notably they’re working on the ZenPub distributed filesystem which is similar to IPFS.

  • Ark : Ark is an all-in-one blockchain platform whose goal is to connect and interoperate with other blockchains their consensus mechanism.


These are some of the promising altcoins we noticed broken up by top, mid, and low tiers. Note this isn’t an endorsement of any of these coins and there are certainly many more promising altcoins on the market. Fundamentally we believe that all of the coins listed above are sound. If you enjoy posts like this as well as our free high quality fundamental analysis reports definitely subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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